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I am relocating or moving to Singapore


Moving to Singapore? Let Us Help…

The Central Metropolitan Garden City of Asia- Multi Faceted, with different Races, Creeds and Religions from all over the world, integrating into a vibrant society with the promise of good family life and satisfying jobs. No wonder, talented individuals from near and far want to relocate to Singapore! From America to South Africa to Japan, Yes; We have seen them, met them and relocated them with Furniture and even Pets- from “Door To Door”.

Merging my Real Estate skills with a veteran Relocation Specialist, we have learn to see and help overcome the challenges and sometimes obstacles faced by someone like you relocating by yourself, or with business and family. Even the minor overlooking of details can caused unwanted stress when you are moving, especially a suitable place to stay that is comfortable, nice and make easy going to work, school or even the supermarket. We even advice on travel orientation and cultural understanding which are essential tools to have when living in a multi cultural society like Singapore. Some ambassadors and their staff might still remember the brand of service we provided…

Thinking of starting or expanding a Business here? Knowledgeable consultants are ready to advise and get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  • Business Logistics
  • Pass and Visa Applications
  • Port to Port/ Freight Services
  • Office Relocation
  • Staffing
  • Residential Relocation
  • School Relocation etc etc…

Go ahead, no matter how small, middle or high-end! Tell us what you need and feel the friendship and trust we are known for all these years.

**Submission forms or inquiry emails are not exclusive forms and all information provided are kept confidential under the Law of the Certified Estate Agencies Professional Service Manual Practice Guidelines (under section 1.2.1e) Or Contact me to find out how it works!

Best of Regards,
Suresh Johnny (
Property & Relocation Management
Royal Properties Group
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CEA License No: R018793G
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