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Top Ten Retail Banks In Singapore


1. RHB Bank possibly smallest bank with 7-8 locations, but rates number one for caring customer service
2. Post Office Savings Bank excellent market coverage and reasonable service standards for a very large multi-branch operation note sister institution DBS is ranked Number 10 below
3. Maybank consistently winning customer approvals year after year
4. Citibank with over 100 years in Singapore can rapidly move to number one as deemed to take slightly higher risks
5. Standard Charter possibly has the best general management in Singapore
6. UOB very capable leadership, but weak at some branches with customer

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7. OCBC has excellent management, but need better performance at retail level
8. HSBC tends to be overly strict with clients which is being reflected at the retail level
9. Bangkok Bank weak at retail due to one branch
9 Bank of China where much is given much more is expected in customer service
9. State Bank of India has great potential with 7 branches however
neglecting potential with non Indians
10. DBS has capacity but overlooks the sick and the old at the retail level making clients wait/stand for too long—poor scheduling of staff for lunch breaks, customers asking for a simple photo copy is a major discomfort for staff to comply+++outdated ATM’s insults customers time losses— due to high frequency of breakdowns—
software needs to be written to dispatch repairmen faster when there is an ATM breakdown or install ATM’s that function

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