Commercial Rentals

Commercial- Industrial, Office, Restaurants, Shop for Rent

Dear Tenants and Landlords,

We have a strong Commercial division which are constantly improving their standard and scope of work. Some of them even have their own commercial units running a business. We know, looking for a good stable tenant or finding a suitable place to operate and run your business is not an overnight or simple task. Which is why, our experienced team and colleagues take this initial stages seriously to help you avoid misjudgements or miscalculations.

We are here to help you plan and map out the search and meet the requirements of especially some of the following items:

  • National Environment Agency, Fire safety Board
  • Building Regulations, Maximum Weight/ Heights and Ramps/ Lifts
  • HDB Stipulations for Shophouse Units
  • Liquor and F & B licenses, Entertainment Licenses
  • Parking
  • Traffic Study- Vehicle and People

What is Base Rent+ GTO

Do you feel that the the rent is not affordable but you imagine your product/ service making a mark?

GTO- Gross Turn Over i.e. this is when the rent can be negotiated/ or adjusted with the Landlords having a share of the business. In the present competitive market and the economic climate, some business owners have opt for this method of “opening shop” to not only have a long standing relationship with the Landlords but also to have that ideal location to showcase their products/ services.

Don’t hesitate to check in with us and see what we know and can do for you now including selling options.

I’m always being contacted by Tenants including Owner’s of businesses who have rented through us previously who are looking to expand or franchise their present business, so do give me a call/ msg to find out what’s the latest.