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Testimonials From our Home Owners, Landlords and Tenants

Whole Units Owners and Landlords (HDB)

Blk 33 Marine Crescent, Mdm Tan Wei Lian, 3(I), Designer Renovated – Rented out since 2012 to …

Thanks Johnny for all the help. We really like the tenants you have for us and will be engaging your services in future. You guys are very fast and efficient.

Blk 129 Clarence Lane(Redhill), Mr Gary Teo, 5EA – Rented out from 2009 to 2012

Johnny and his team are very friendly and accommodating. Even when my auntie (Owner) who could not speak English, they were there to make sure that all was well at the HDB office and also helped with the furnishings and electrical appliances. We wish them well and all the best in the future endeavors.

Blk 240 Jurong East, Mdm Sharifa Begum, 3NG – Rented out since 2011 to …

SingaporeRental.com has been with us since 2008 helping us with our leasing needs. Johnny explained the HDB Approval regulations and guided me along the process. He also refurbished my 3rm HDB Flat and increased my rent by $450 to $2000 in 2010! Thank you, Johnny and team. You can count on my support for many more years to come.

Blk 468A, Sembawang Admiralty Drive, (5I) Ms Jacobs Reisling – Rented out since 2012 to …

Jim Ellis and Johnny have been my Rental Managers since 2007 and I have changed 3 groups of tenants so far with no issues and still a clean house. They even take care of all the repairs and air con servicing etc . I have trusted Johnny with my spare keys and he conducts occasional checks after getting permission from me and the tenant. What an agent! All the Best Johnny and your hardworking team!


Private & Landed Property Owners and Landlords

The Beverly, 45 Toh Tuck Road, Mr Mohammed – Rented out since 2013 to …

Hey Johnny and Team, here is to our long term friendship and future dealings in property….

Hillview Regency, 28 Bukit Batok East Avenue 2, Mr Sanjay & Family – Rented out since 2009 to…(New lease 2013)

Beyond doubt, the Johnny and his team have exclusively served us with good quality top-notch service and offered a no-holds barred care for our property especially while we were overseas. Superior in handling disputes and finding resolve in a professional way, hats out to the guys at SingaporeRental.com….

Terrace House, Cactus Road, Mrs Lim Sew Hing – Rented out since 2017 to present

Thank you again for all the service and handling of my property issues since day one!

Room Owners and Landlords

Blk 148, Serangoon North Ave 1, (Master Room) Mr Mohd Rafi – Rented out since 2008 to …

Johnny and his team have been my agents ever since I wanted to rent my room out. They are very friendly and interpersonal and we are like family now because they understood our changing needs. They are very versatile and even did short- term upon our requests. Great job guys!

Blk 317, Sembawang Vista, (Common Room) Mdm Indra – Rented out since 2017 to …

Hi SingaporeRental.com, Thank you again for taking my case up even though I know you guys are busy with bigger things. You have got us a good tenant both times and hopefully can serve us again when the need arises. Dear Johnny, Thank you for the new bed sheets and curtains!!!

Blk 26A, Jalan Membina, (Master Room + 1 Common Room) Mr Ho Ching – Rented out since 2015 to present (sales also done by my team)

Jerome managed to find us corporate tenants for both the master and common rooms in our flat for $1800. Me and my wife are happy with the tenants and happy with the services of the SingaporeRental.com team. Do keep up the good work!


Mr Hashimoto Yukinara, Denso(Japan) – Relocated in January 2017

My sincere thanks for all the support you have shown me and my staff and hope to continue our work together in future Johnny! Keep up the good work!

Mr Lim, Singaporean – Short-Term from December 2012 to May 2013

Frankly, didn’t think you can work it out for us but you did especially when we had last minute requirement…

Ms Evangelica Lim, Indonesian – Break lease issue

Amazing job SingaporeRental.com guys!! I thought I’m going to lose my S$5000 deposit due to my break lease issue due to family but you nurtured a solution and found a replacement tenant so quickly!! Life savers!! Thank you and all the best Suresh Johnny!

Mr Shahib Mubarak, Saudi Arabia – Relocated in June 2016

Hi Johnny, firstly, thank you for getting me a good price on my place. I really appreciate it. Secondly, I thank you again for taking care of my parents when they visit by bringing them shopping!… Thank you brothers, I will always cherish our friendship!


To our Dearest Clients who have taken the time to submit your Testimonials,

We thank you for having faith in us all these years and we hope to continue to be of service to you and yours for many more to come. We also thank you X 3 for your testimonials and words of good standing and pray for your continued support. God Bless and wishing you and your families – Good Health and Happy times!


Johnny and the SingaporeRental.com Team

More Testimonials from Early 2000 :

Thank You Note from Bill Beckett, Vice President Anagran Inc

“Doing business in a foreign country can be a scary thing for people not aware of the rules and regulations. To ensure proper rules are followed, companies frequently turn to legal consultants to advise them. Unfortunately not all law firms seem to advise you with your best interest in mind but may be looking at their own interest and earnings from you. Jim Ellis helped reverse several costly mistakes made by following the advise of some misguided legal consultants and did it it in a very fast and fair manner, helping educate our company on doing business in Singapore. His fees were very reasonable and I would recommend Jim to anyone needing advise on setting up residency or business in Singapore.” Bill Beckett, Vice President Anagran Inc.

Testimony from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Thank you very much for your help with the apartment and utilities.

As promised this is my “thank you letter” in both Arabic and English:

I came with my sister (a doctor) to Singapore in a short notice to start her training in NUH. We had only 10 days to rent an apartment in a secure building which must also be in close proximity to NUH so commuting would not be a problem.

We contacted Mr. Jim and when we met in Singapore he showed us multiple apartments that all satisfied our needs. He also advised us as to the merits of each apartments and left the decision to us. Afterwards he also used his experience and contacts to facilitate a quick setup for the utilities and services.

Mr. Jim understanding of our culture and requirements plus his insight in Singapore has helped us tremendously. Thank you JIM.

In Arabic:

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When we found out that we would be relocating to Singapore the first thing I did was to get on the web to find a property agent. I asked my good friend Google.com to search on “rental properties Singapore” and what I found was much more than a rental property agent; what I found was a relocation expert, who not only found us our ideal property, in our ideal location within our realistic budget, but who also went the extra mile so that we didn’t have to.

Our relocation expert is Jim Ellis of Singapore Rental. From my first visit to his website through to our continual transition in Singapore, Jim has been our agent, our expert, our advisor and most importantly our friend.

Ours was a very speedy move. I visited Jim’s website on the Monday; Jim contacted me on the Wednesday and the following Tuesday I went to Singapore to look at a number of properties Jim had set up for me. He picked me up at the airport and within five hours we had found the ideal place – near to my husband’s work, near to the coast, near to the airport, we even found a supermarket five minutes walk away and a school for our daughter literally around the corner. Jim had thought of everything and taken as much of it into account as possible – great work Jim!

Jim dealt with all the negotiations and legalities of the lease, and ensured that everything was as it should be when we moved in. He even ensured that the paint was the right colour and that the curtains were the right style – what a service!

His services did not stop there. Jim also arranged the connection of all of our utility facilities, gave us contacts for arranging phone lines, broadband access and cable TV, helped us with relocating our domestic helper as well as advised us on importing our pet dog.

Jim Ellis has been so much more than a property agent. He truly is a relocation expert and as such he helped to take out all the pain involved in moving an entire family from one country to another.

If you require hassle-free relocation, expect excellent

service and you are looking for someone who goes the extra mile so you don’t have to, we would thoroughly recommend Jim Ellis and Singapore Rental.

— Lisa

 Phillip Lewis

We write to thank you for your sterling efforts recently in settling us down into our new apartment in Singapore.

Being first timers in an Asian country can be somewhat daunting and your experience and professional approach to your job has reflected in a very smooth and simple transition period for me and my family.

Taking all of our needs into consideration and enlightening us further for what we should look for has enabled us to be in a prime location with excellent facilities and already we have settled down nicely.

Please pass our thanks on to your team also as you have all been fantastic and already we feel like part of the Century 21 family.

Jim, again many thanks from us all and wish we could tell every one coming to Singapore to look you up and seek your excellent services.

Phillip Lewis

Kurt Ball, Operations Manager of LLC International

“Coming from the United States in early 1998 for my first assignment in Singapore I was not familiar with the intricacy\’s involved with property. Jim Ellis knew what I wanted and ”needed” before I did and had quickly arranged viewing of many

varied properties. With Jim\’s 20 years experience in Singapore and South East Asia I had moved quickly from hotel to Home. Given the experience shown to me I have used Jim as my primary real-estate agent for all expats into Singapore.”

Victor Korobov

When we needed to find a right property in a matter of just few days, the team at SingaporeRental.com was the only ones who took this challenge and by all means proved to be the best experience we ever had with the property business.

And the list keeps going…