What is SingaporeRental.com ?


Dear  all, please note blogsite SingaporeRental has temporarily stopped till the near future. 

The Advisers/ Mentors of our professionals at SingaporeRental.com have worked, supported and watched the formation of the Republic of Singapore since inception. The blending of good leadership and law abiding people + our very strong passion to succeed without natural resources, is Singapore. We can communicate in English, Chinese Dialects, Malay, Tamil, Hindi and Some European Languages as well…
Started in June of 1998, we are one of the earliest real estate websites in Singapore ever so constantly improvising with the times.
Under the supervision of our respective Estate Agencies, a strong worldwide base and our web engines, we carefully match our list of Prospective Tenants and Landlords who contact us through here. Experienced and Licensed Realtors (more than 10+ years in Real Estate), Corporate Contacts, Strong Overseas Contacts ad Co-Broking are what makes the client’s rental needs and requirements met quickly and smoothly. Private or Commercial, HDB, Landed, Rooms be it Long/ Short Terms (Minimum 6 months): We are able to successfully match your needs with either a Tenant or a suitable place to lease in Singapore and give you a “one of kind” type service or advice,regardless your budget,size of unit or requests.
Imagine Life As Relocation….
By the way…We are Property and Relocation Managers, CEA Licensed and Certified.
Disclaimer** Note this is not a service provider site but a web portal solely used for our advertising and marketing purposes only.
P.S. This is our newest updated website(last updated in 2014) still in construction phase. Much much more on the way, See our Tenants list in Owners- HDB and Private and Testimonials! Still going strong!  

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